March 26, 2015

The Beginning

A quick story how Long Wing Montessori came to be... Right after graduating college, I knew I wanted to work in a Montessori school. I was lucky that my first interview was for a Montessori school. There aren't many Montessori school around my area and the few that there are, teachers don’t just get up and leave. They stay till forever and I couldn't wait for forever! I was fresh out of training with hopes and dream, I was determined. So, I accepted the job at a public Montessori school. I thought it was dream come true or so I thought.

I inherited the dump. That was the name of my room. I thought it was more of a mixture between a dump and a store. Literally, everyone would come and dump all their unwanted materials or would shop around and take it back to their classroom. No matter from what angle I looked at it, it was a mess!

I had no idea how I was going to pull a beautiful Montessori environment. I spend countless hours sorting and cleaning to face the reality that I inherited an ugly room full of old stuff. Seriously, I found papers dating back to 1990 (I took the position back in 2010)! The majority of the lessons where either black and white or had clear thick tape being used as laminate. The quality was low and the picture on some of those lessons,oh boy!  That year we had many history lessons to say the least.

I found myself making many of the lessons and experimenting with different materials to make it perfect, while keeping in mind that all the material in the classroom should be beautiful to appeal to the child. And that’s how Long Wing Montessori began. 
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