June 15, 2015

Makeover Madness: Part 1

This week I decided to join the  TPT Seller Challenge! This week is all about makeover and face lifts. I am so excited to share my first make over with a product that open the doors to this wonderful Teaching/ Blogging community I'm part of.  So, one of the first product I ever created and dared to publish on TPT was Self Portrait & Bio Poem. Mind you, remaking this product has been in my To Do List for a while now. Oh boy, I remember when I first created this. I was such a newbie that I had no idea where to start! And of course, I just went ahead open my computer and typed away in a Word Document! You believe that because I cant! Anyways moving forward it has been one of my best selling products and so happy how this makeover gave it a face list.

Let's start, with the before pictures. Oh the horror, the pain! I'm just joking! I need to give myself a little credit for this masterpiece. I got the font , pictures and cute background going on. I have to give myself a little thumbs up here. What I needed to do here was to change the quality of the overall pictures, I'm not sure if you are able to see the graininess of the cover page. I also had to do some major work on that DIY craft. The original pictures directions lack coherence and were hard to tell what in the world was going on.

One of the main things, I wanted to change was revised the jargon I used. Now, with so many changes to the standards, I needed to make sure it was kid friendly and ready to go!

So how did I solved that? well without further ado
(side note: did anyone know that the correct spelling of ado is actually ado and not adieu? )  drum roll please ......

Tadaa! My makeover went from a couple of pages to the whole thing. It just didn't feel right to just change the cover and not do the rest. It was a necessary change that couldn't be put on hold any longer.

Let's start with the changes that were made. Obviously the cover page was a major change. I love how modern and eye popping it looks. The colors of the font ,the background and the clip art looks amazing!

But, let's look at the major changes.I decided add to some notes for the kiddoes with kid friendly language. I discovered doing this that many of my fourth graders had no idea what a Bio Poem entail. The ones that got the hint we were going to do a poem got so hung up in trying to make it rhyme that completely missed the big idea.

I revamped the planning sheets for the poem and gave it more space for the kids to jot down their thoughts. One major change to this was the design of it, before it was just a whole bunch of squares with minimal directions. I also modified two questions so it can relate more to the classroom and for the kids to think about their role as a student in the class.

Another, major change was the addition of the templates for the body and where they write their final draft of the poem. I originally posted pictures of me doing the project but the picture had to many things going on in the background and the kids had a hard time following it. I added the template and provided two options for them to write their poems in. I wanted to make sure the power of choice and individuality was there.

The last change made was to the rubric. I did it with the intention for the student to understand how the project is been graded. I have a lot of kids ask but why did I get this, or how come? The rubric provides these answer and they can use it as a checklist. I usually start this project reviewing the rubric before I give them anything else. I have found it saves lots of time answering the same questions. One thing I did on purpose was leaving the point section blank. I feel that is up to each teacher to decide how and what type of point is worth every item on the rubric. In addition, there's an empty rubric. Again, depends on the class and the type of students you are dealing with. I have used an empty rubric in many ways. I have done it by first showing the kids the completed project then, we both decided how its going to be graded and we write it together. It's nice to hear what they feel is a perfect project.

Not bad for day 1 of Makeover Madness! Snag this product from my store just click on the picture.

Now it's your turn to makeover one of your products and join in! Share it by using hashtag #tptsellerchallenge  and link up with these amazing bloggers

Sparkling in Second
Peppy Zesty Teacherista


Shelly Rees said...

Wow, Wow, Wow! What an amazing difference! I love the way you used a stitched black background. The letters on your cover really pop now. It was difficult to read your title in your first edition. It's spectacular all the way around now. Nicely done!

Vanessa Mejia said...

Thanks Shelly I appreciate greatly your observation! It took a while to tackle the makeover. You are my first comment ever!!!

Our Elementary Lives said...

Love the updates! The new product looks so good, I really like the new colors! It's an incredible change. Way to go!

Mandi Hopkins said...

I absolutely adore your update! The cover will definitely catch the eye of potential buyers (like me!) (:

Jen Bonner said...

Love love love this new cover!

Deana said...

Love the step-by-step explanation. And I definitely want to check out this product! Great job!

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