June 16, 2015


Today is day 2 of the #tptsellerchallenge hosted by a couple of fantastic ladies! The second product that needed a makeover was my Fry's Word List. I am amazed by the amount of older kiddoes that still have trouble spelling some of these words. So, needless to say I always pop this little product out for those kids in need. Let's start with some of the things I love before getting into the changes.

Here is a preview of what it looked like before. Well, this is not the exact product I change but it is a portion of it. I got so caught up in the makeover that I accidentally forgot and take pictures of the original one. Things that I love about this product:

- Function: even though is for the little ones I can still use it with the big ones. It is not geared to only one specific grade but better to the needs of your class and student.

- Option: I love the color and black & white template. Sometimes the words will get lost in the room and I didn't want to waste ink of a whole sheet so instead I will print the word I need and let the kids color it in.

-Size: the size of the overall words were great for my classroom. I didn't have a lot of space to put this up in a word wall so I was able to put as a center.

- Versatile: I love how it can go from a center activity to a word wall and go with a theme. The kids loved playing with these sight words. I purchase actual popcorn container from the Dollar Tree. The kids would play this in small group or with a partner. They would pull out the word and their partner would spell it out. They kept their own tally sheet of who would spell the most word correctly.

Now let's talk about the change. Obviously the clip art and cover needed a makeover. Don't you just feel the butter dripping all over the kernels with that bright yellow, hahahaha! I have to laugh at these things, it just show the creativity at that time. You know like when you look at an old picture and you start laughing because you know at the time of the picture it was like the coolest thing ever! Well, that's kinda how I feel. So, let's see the changes

drumroll please........

Tadaa! Another product that I'm in love with and ready to start printing. You cant see it well from the picture but there was a whole bunch of things added. These changes came from the reflection that I had while looking over it. I started to remember in all the ways I used this with my kids and how many extra little things I had to create at that time to differentiated.  And those are the exact things I added to this.

I started by changing clip art and go with more subtle colors. This choice of yellow is appropriate for the eye and overall presentation. In terms of color, a certificate, ABC title heading and notebook cover were added. These changes just made the product look cohesive.

Since, I use this a lot as an intervention with my kiddoes, I added the graphs to add to their RTI folder (oh, that's another monster / summer project). It is so important to show growth not only to add to the famous data binder but for the child to see how much their hard work is paying off. I had kids that felt so motivated because they were able to color in an extra square each week. It was such an amazing experience to watch over the year. So look below for other additions. After making this again, I felt that I needed to go back and add in all the other words. So be looking out for that in a near future! For now here are previews!

You can always purchase it by clicking the link below. Hurry is currently on sale this week! 

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Laura Davis said...

You did a great job updating this pack! I love the fonts you chose for the title!

MrsDecatursLittleGators said...

I really like the burlap paper! You did a wonderful makeover! :)

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