August 8, 2015

Our Teaching Tribe August Challenge

You know what's sucky about regular Spanish posters ? They only come in generic colors. What fun those general posters bring to the classroom? I’ll answer that: NO FUN AT ALL. You know what is fun? Using easy to read, bright color pictures and inviting posters to practice consonant blends in Spanish. And that's what Georgina from Teach and Tell US created just for you! 

I'm kicking off this month with a blog hop and a  product trade off! It's always exciting for me to try out other people product and showcase their work. This month I was paired up with Georgina from Teach and Tell US. Georgina is a dual classroom teacher with four years of experience. 

One of the products that I absolutely fell in love with is Silabas Trabadas. This is a perfect product to start the year with. Not only will this save me time but the kids are going to love the kid friendly and vivid pictures. I know, I do! The size of the picture and letters make this set of cards pop!  

Imagine a group of children coming together and practicing the sound of the letters in Spanish. What better way to introduce Spanish to those little one with these no prep poster set. The bright color use has not only brighten up my class but has given me that extra push to make learning more appealing. 

In my class, I will be using the posters as a daily review to the sounds. Many children in the past have trouble putting these sounds together. Practicing it everyday will make my little ones become stronger Spanish speakers and what better way to do this with these eye catching posters. 

As I set up my classroom for the new year, I can't imagine myself not using this product to aid in the instruction of Spanish. I'm so excited to go into my little classroom and put them in my class. As a new teacher to the dual program in my school, I know Georgina products will come in very handy. That means one less thing to do in my to do list! You mush check out her other products as well. 

Be sure to check out some other great product by joining in the blog hop! 


Sasha said...

Thank you for organizing this blog hop. These poster look great! I love the vivid colors!

Laura V. ~ A Grace-Filled Classroom said...

Oh, wow! Those are the cutest! I know students will really love working with those cards.

Teach and Tell said...

thank you so much for your sweet comments! I loved joining you for this blog hop and working together!

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