August 8, 2015

Sunday Scoop!

So are you ready to hear my Sunday scoop? I am so excited to be linking up with The Teaching Trio to bring you today's Sunday Scoop.

3 Things I have to do 

One of my goals for the summer was to level my books. I tried really hard to accomplish this but.... I found some many other things that needed my attention as well. So, there went that plan down the drain! But, I am still hopeful. This year I will be having an assistant in the classroom, yay! So, I figured she can help me with this task. Two more pair of hands are better that one. Isn't that right?

Another I have to task is moving my bins to the classroom or to storage. Yes, I have storage! I have to! I'm trying to get organized with all the things I have. I have come along away. At some point you couldn't walk in my house because of how many boxes there were everywhere. Thank goodness that I'm a little bit organized in how to arrange everything in the box.

And of course! Back to school countdown would not be complete without some laminating and cutting. I'm not sure what teacher doesn't do this, especially this time of the year! I decided to change my theme and go for something more updated and that it would appeal to bigger kids. I can't wait to share pictures of the classroom reveal!

2 things I hope to do 

This is so hard! I can name you like 1,000,000,000 I hope to do. But, in honesty I just hope to be ready for the 1st day back. I know I am step ahead of most of my peers in my school. I have dedicated all summer to planning the year out by creating my own pacing guides and organizing my resources so, I won't forget to use them while I'm covering that unit. Yes,I create my own pacing guides because I teach a combination at the same time of 1st and 2nd grades. More on that craziness in the near future.

I really, really really hope to keep my anxiety and nerve on check. I usually get anxiety the day before. Not the first day of school but the first day back to work. My hands start to sweat and I can't shut up! That's a horrible combination right there!But its always exciting because every year is a new year to start from fresh and meet new peers.

1 thing I'm happy to do

This definitely without a doubt is cleaning my office. I have been an undercover hoarder for quite some time without even knowing. I know how does that happens? easy! You store everything in container and you hide them or try to put them in any space where they fit. At least that's what I did, thank goodness I am breaking the habit! But, I learned that organizing has to be an everyday task in order not to fall in the trap again!

What's is your Sunday Scoop? Write, share and link up to The Teaching Trio!


Sasha said...

I hope you have a great day back on Monday! You are so lucky to be getting an assistant!

Carlee Van Ness said...

I leveled all my books this summer! It is quite a job! Best of luck on your first day back :)

Carlee Van Ness
The Kindergarten Press

Adventures of a Techie Bookworm said...

Strangely enough I find laminating fun. It is a great TV activity. :) Good luck on the leveling...that is quite the intensive process.

SMORD said...

It seems like you have been doing lots of work prepping this summer and it will pay off during the school year! I cant wait to see your classroom reveal!
-Sandra from

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