August 18, 2016

4 Tips for a Nautical Classroom Theme

Heading back to school is always an exciting time for me. One of the many things I look forward to in arranging my classroom and setting up. Even though the process never goes the way I picture it! This year I was fortunate to help my one of my friend set up her classroom and absolutely fell in love with her nautical theme.

For this nautical theme, I used Created Teaching Resource classroom resources to help pull off the theme. The are three main colors I used in her classroom : red, royal blue and cardboard brown. One of the first things I do when setting up a classroom theme is to pick and chose the color and patterns I will be working with. A couple of months, I stumbled upon some great advice about color and pattern mixing that has really helped my classroom themes have that cohesive feeling. Here are some tips:
It's important to understand a little about the different patterns available.

Types of Patterns: Movement, Geometric, Small Scale

1.Movement patterns are borders that have your theme picture.

2. Geometric patterns just like the name evoke have geometric designs.

3. Small scale patterns are any pattern that has elements that are small.

Now with that in mind, this is what I do next: 

1. Pick two to three main colors to work with.

2. Keep in mind your main three colors when choosing trim and borders. Use the different type of pattern mention above to guide you when picking patterns for your borders. I usually pick two of the patterns to incorporate into the overall theme and use them frequently in the classroom.

3. Pick two of the main colors in solid colors for your trim or borders patterns to stand out.

4. Bulletin board paper color should be your main colors.

Here are the results of the patterns and colors that I chose for this nautical theme.

This is the view once you come in the room.

This is the central focus of the room. As soon as you come in your eyes are automatically drawn to this wall. 

Here you can see the three main colors and patterns.

Another view of the room. Since her theme was nautical, we decided to do some paper lamps with the main colors.

This is the front of the room and the main teaching area. 

Here you can also see the main colors and pattern for her theme. 

What are some other great tips you have in mind when decorating your classroom?

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